This Show is Open 

This Show Will Open

The Show Will Open

We are seeing a global wave of event postponements and cancellations, as government and health authorities respond to the COVID19 pandemic.

We are an industry that connects people. Their health, their safety are our top priority.

Events around the world have already been postponed or canceled to support this.

These events are in the news - and they are creating the image that our whole industry, all our market places and meeting places, are dangerous. We want to counter this narrative.

We want to highlight the systemic importance of our market places and meeting places around the world. Once the current outbreak is over, they will be the drivers of economic recovery.

People enjoying an event

  • It is important that we participate in the public and political debate.

  • It is vital that we show wherever in the world we are ready to open and to hold in accordance with local health regulations, supporting industries and economies.

  • It matters a great deal that we discuss how to get them going again, when health authorities give the "all clear". To keep events closed right now is keeping people safe from a health threat today.  To get events going again is keeping people safe mid to long term by stabilising and supporting trade and economies.

And, together, we can do just that. 

The campaign is based on simple, flexible elements.

This Show is OpenWe ask event organisers and industry professionals around the world to join in – and show to the world the events that are ready to open – when governments and health authorities give the “all clear”.

The campaign materials are available here. For any questions and suggestions, please contact us at or

Thank you already for your support!



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Information resources on the coronavirus and support materials for the exhibitions and event industry are available at: